Want to Play College Sports?


It’s what everyone wants – and what college sports provide.

More than 1,100 member schools are united around one goal: creating opportunities for college athletes.


Providing opportunities to earn a college degree is at the heart of our mission. Student-athlete graduation rates are the highest ever, with 80 percent earning their degrees.

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We were founded to keep college sports safe. Today, we work hard to promote safety, excellence, and physical and mental well-being for student-athletes.

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All college athletes deserve a fair shot. We focus on respect, integrity and responsibility, both on and off the field, so that college sports prepare student-athletes for life.

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Providing opportunities for learning is at the heart of our mission. The NCAA prioritizes academics so student-athletes get the most out of their education and build skills for success in the workplace and in life.

Academic Standards

We’ve raised the bar for incoming student-athletes, ensuring they’re ready for college.

Measuring Success

The NCAA closely tracks graduation rates for college athletes. What are we seeing? The rates are higher than ever.


Only teams that make the grade can participate in championships.


Division I schools' share of NCAA revenue is now tied to how teams perform academically, not just athletically.


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In 1906, the NCAA was founded to keep college athletes safe. We are working hard to protect them physically and mentally, on the field and off.


We’re leading innovations in the science and treatment of concussion, investing $30 million with the U.S. Department of Defense on the largest study ever.

Independent Medical Care

All NCAA schools are subject to rules safeguarding independent medical care, so return-to-play decisions are made by health care providers, not coaches.

Best Practices

By collaborating with the leading sports medicine organizations, we’re working to provide student-athletes the best care possible.

Mental Health

College athletes should be healthy mentally as well as physically. We’re working to change the conversation and culture around mental health.


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All college athletes deserve a fair shot. Respect, integrity and responsibility are equally important on and off the field. We are committed to them. Always.

Taking Action

Making changes in college basketball that promote integrity, strengthen accountability and prioritize student-athletes.

Honoring Commitments

Guaranteeing Division I scholarships regardless of athletic performance or injury offers peace of mind.

Living Expenses

Division I schools can now cover the full cost of attendance, as well as help with special financial needs not covered by scholarships.

Redshirt Flexibility

Division I football players now can play in up to four games without using a year of eligibility.


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